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The Political Show
“I created this show to allow artist to use the jewelry/metalsmith medium to state their social concerns. It is a
celebration that we live in a country of free speech which allows us to develop the art of respecting each other’s
points of view during our Presidential National Election, regardless of which side of the fence you are on.”
says owner Sheridan Conrad.


Kim Vorel from Woodstock, Illinois
Sterling Silver, Aqua Quartz, $895

"The 99 Percent
It has been said that the moral measure of a
society is determined by how it treats those
members that are unable to care for themselves.
What is more important – the good of the one,
or the good of the many?


Fran Grinels from Cupertino California
Fabricated from Silver, $875

The big and bold "Just Pure Strawberry" bracelet reminds
us of a beautiful, rich, sweet, red strawberry--pesticide free.
It makes a statement, "Keep our strawberries methyl iodine free."
Having grown up as a farmer's daughter in the central valley of
California, I feel strongly about pesticide use on our food and its
exposure to farmworkers.


Evan Chambers
from Pasadena California
Bullet Shell Opium Jar

Fabricated copper, cast bronze, silver,
found bullet shell, $350


Sherry Cordova from Sunnyvale California
Recycled copper and recycled fine silver, $735

The 99.9% silver covered ceramic globe depicts a changed topography with mega-storms swirling in
the perpetually gray atmosphere. The thin copper
tray is a bird’s eye view of a section of land where
the last remaining waterway is closing over and
drying up. Plants are trying to make a comeback
along the bottom edges. The copper and silver will continue to change color with time and handling,
and just as with the surface of the earth, the thin
copper tray can be easily reshaped by our hands.

Sherry Cordova from Sunnyvale California
Recycled sterling silver, sterling silver cable wire, $510

Boat Rocking Waves Fishing Nets Fish Hook And one last tiny

school of Sardines A singular shiny silver spiral represents the remaining schools of fish in the ocean. Filigree meshes represent fishing nets. Over-fishing is an environmental and societal issue
being drowned out by the omnipresent message to consume more fish.


Janice LeeJanice Lee

Janice Lea from Guthrie, Oklahoma

Fractured (above)
Sterling Silver, Montana Agate, $150
Parties on both
sides of the division use the United States Constition to back their
arguments. The question must be asked, "How long can this country
remain indivisible if agreements are forever out of reach?

Peace on Earth verses Destruction of the Earth (at right)
Sterling Silver, Chrysocolla, Psilomelane, $200
The pendant is reversible. One side is a simple peace sign over
blue and green Chrysocolla to represent Peace on Earth. On the
flip side, black on black Psilomelane resembles the black smoke
curling above sites of terrorism and violence, thus representing
the destruction of the earth.

Janice Lee
Janice Lee