Custom jewelers have the ability to transform a drawing into a work of art. This involves taking a pencil to craft a multi-dimensional sketch and this outline is used to frame a 3-dimensional wax replica. The wax replica is, like straw, spun into gold. This process is done for each specific piece, resulting in a one-of-a-kind work of art. An individual piece of art is unique to itself and is not mass produced. Call Sheridan at 405-557-1866 or email


violin fine-china

Violin Pin (above left)
This pin was made by a husband for his wife, who plays the cello. I made the top portion in wax and used the lost wax process which I cast in sterling silver. The back of the broach pin, the bridge, and the four pegs were hand fabricated. There were pearls bezel set in the pegs. I added the 14kt yellow gold strings.

Fine China Pendant (above right)
A dear friend of over twenty years came to me with a special request. She had a china dish that held fond memories of her childhood. Her father, in his nineties, still eats off these dishes every day. The one she handed me had a small crack. She asked me to take a portion of it and make it into a pendant. After contemplating this project, I noticed one small section of the plate had the design of a vase. I defined this section with the playfulness of a Matisse painting, using enameled flowers stemming into a vase held by a bezel. The materials consisted of a fragment of Pope Grosser China, pattern Pinafore, sterling and fine silver and hand-fired enamels.

Fingerprint Wedding Rings
The 18kt wedding rings were made with the couple’s fingerprints to make a unique set of personal rings. The bezel set diamond ring has fingerprints on the inside and the other ring has them on the outside. I made impressions of their index fingers in wax and inlaid them on custom made bands for a special heartfelt and contemporary look.


Paseo Jewelry
In 38 years of Paseo Arts Festivals, this is the first piece of jewelry that represents the Paseo District. Even if you were not a part of the Paseo Arts Festival this year, you can still  celebrate the history with this commemorative piece. 2014 is the only year they will be  offered in silver. Choose between lapel pins, tie tacks, earrings, and pendants.