Artist Statement

Sheridan Conrad jeweler/metalsmith

In my studio I make jewelry using ancient jewelry/metalsmithing techniques to create modern works of wearable art. Many of my tools are handmade, created by my hand for my hand’s use in making my jewelry art.

There is an intimate love relationship created with each piece, hands and eyes working together, from the conception, labor and final completion. My love of the earth and her offerings, resonates in my work using the various metals, be it copper, silver, 18kt-22kt yellow gold to platinum. I use recycled metal in my practice and ethically mined sourced gemstones. My passion of color extends out to colored gemstones collected all over the world and to adding enamels which are ground up glass, heated to obtain a painterly effect.

Many of my pieces of jewelry art is communicating a message, often times a social message. The materials I choose convey best the social message which is being illustrated, be it diamonds and sapphires, or rose rocks and sticks. This dialog; whether it be nature, feminist, political, love or other, illustrates a story. The chosen materials become a part of the story and the story part of the work. The social story of my work is worn as jewelry and the wearer becomes a participating part of the storytelling. Because the pieces are handmade and are small works of art, they are passed from generation to generation and the inherited wearer becomes an additional aspect of the story.