Our Secret World of Insects

Cabochon and 18kt Rings

Oval series

Compy everyday ring

18kt diamond rings

Series 1

Cabochon and 18kt Rings

Silver sculptural rings with a custom 18kt yellow gold bezel. Each one is handmade for the stone.

These can be made to order with specific stones

green tourmaline

green pear shape tourmaline

pink pear shape tourmaline

pink sapphire oval

elongated pink tourmaline

amethyst round

yellow tourmaline round

Series 2

Oval Series

Oval Series are made with natural cabochon colored stones. Some ovals are hammered or made with a high polish or black patina and often in14kt or 18kt mixed metals.

garnet and citrine

amethyst and peridot


multiple natural stones

Series 3

Compy everyday rings

Everyday rings in natural stones, choose a cabochon of your own color.

Series 4

18kt diamond rings

18kt white or yellow gold with fancy colored natural center stones with small SI1-G-H diamonds surrounding the center stone. There were only three made and these can be worn as stackable rings, stacked with other rings or worn as a solo ring.

Staples Series 5-line

These sterling silver pieces go with the everyday black dress or comfy jeans embellished with 22kt gold disk.There are a dozen or so varieties and lengths. Some have white or yellow diamonds and a variety of lengths.

What is a line? A dot moving in space. This is first in a series exploring the elements of design

(line, shape, color, form, texture, value, and space

Series 5 Keum boo

Keum Boo is made with 22kt and sterling or fine silver